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Weebees - Curriculum overview
Curriculum overview
At Weebees, we aim to create unique learning experiences for each and every child. Our curriculum is built around the framework of the British Early Years Foundation stage and the Froebel’s play-way method that acknowledges every child is unique and they learn and develop at different rates and in different ways.At Weebees, we focus on the stages of development rather than the chronological, age based teaching and learning. "Learning through play" supports their inbuilt curiosity, reaching out to the world, to grow in confidence and independence and begin to understand the consequence of their actions.
Prime areas of development
Personal, Social and emotional development
Physical development
Communication and Language
Specific areas
Understanding the world
Expressive arts and Design
We do everything we can to nurture "the whole child" and are committed to excellence by striving to provide each child with opportunities to reach their full potential in a holistic, educational and fun environment that will ultimately provide them with some very essential life skills.