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About us
Weebees is owned and operated by Sanchitha and Vinodh and was started in July 2013, architects by profession who also runs a design firm in the city.Having lived in the UK and UAE, and returning to India after a decade they realised how little there was available to families with young children in the city that is kid-friendly and at the same time healthy and safe.They dreamt of a place something-new where the children as well as their families could relax and do a wide variety of things at the same time. However, the idea didn’t spark overnight but a complete labour of love, piled with years of research and experience living in various countries and by sharing together a passion for invention, design, nature, food, photography, kids, fashion, travel and life they were able to put together the overall concept!Sanchitha, besides her architecture background, has a deep passion for working with kids after the birth of her son. The idea came along while living in Dubai with her baby and felt there was so little community things happening in the city and was inspired to create a group where all the little ones could come along make friends while their mothers could also get to know, share and support each other...Soon, she formed a social and support network for mums, babies and tots of different nationalities in greater Dubai. The group quickly got popular and was the most talked about in the neighbourhood and featured in “Time Out Dubai”. Regular meetups, coffee mornings, organised playdates and events was arranged.